TERRE (Terre Associates Design) provides innovative and inspirational hotel interior design solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our international perspective, reputation and experience in the interior design industry allow us to break free from traditional design concepts. We encourage our designers to explore new possibilities by working with different materials, techniques and ideas in order to bring something new to each and every project we work on.

We see it as our responsibility to raise the standard for aesthetic tastes and to provide innovative solutions. Our experience and expertise enables us to bring inspiration and originality to all of our projects. We pride ourselves in giving design substance, rather than simply transferring ideas into form. While our design concepts are always unique, we are also committed to creating practical, commercially-viable designs that meet our clients’ aspirations.

TERRE is headquartered in Singapore and has an office in Shenzhen, China, employing over 30 professional designers. Over the years, the TERRE team has delivered exceptional design projects of varying scales, including those for world-leading real estate companies, hotel groups and first-rate luxury restaurants. Our design scope covers hotels, holiday resorts, boutique hotels, clubs, SPAs, fine restaurants, yachts and luxury residences. We take pride in fulfilling our clients’ needs from the perspectives of location, culture and conceptual planning.